Tuthill Farm is small, local, family farm of rolling hills, tree-shaded pastures and frog-filled ponds located in Western Illinois. Our name Tuthill (Tuttle) was derived from how our ancestors lived on the hill and kept watch over the safety of their friends and relatives in the town below. In fact they were knighted for their efforts. That’s our goal too. Not being knighted, just producing meat that is safe for our friends and relatives to eat. We are committed to producing high quality, consistent, products using humane animal management and good land stewardship practices.

To provide clean and healthy meat for our family and neighbors we raise Icelandic sheep and White Park cattle, both are old world breeds known for exceptional “gourmet” taste.

Our lambs are raised naturally with their mothers on lush pastures, the way their Creator intended, None of our lambs receive any artificial growth hormone, animal byproducts or antibiotics (except in a health emergency which then results in a non-antibiotic-free status). This healthy environment produces a happy animal and a high quality, nutritious meat, rich in B6, B12 and Omega-3.

Our White Park cattle are raised naturally on grass and then to give them maximum taste and tenderness we feed a natural corn and grain diet for a minimum of 12-16 weeks prior to processing. Of course, our cattle don’t receive any artificial growth hormones, animal by products or antibiotics (except in a health emergency which then results in a non-antibiotic-free status). The result is our White Park beef is consistent in taste and marbling, that is good for you.

We are in the process of adding Grass fed beef to our product list but because they take substantially longer to finish they will not be ready until next year.

The bottom line is that what you get with every Tuthill Farm product is locally raised meat that tastes good, naturally. If you want to see how we care for our animals let us know and we’ll arrange for a farm visit. What you see is what you get. Unlike factory style, mass producers we have nothing to hide